Simple Enumeration

Demonstrates how to enumerate over devices.

Device enumaration requires a ma_context object which is initialized with ma_context_init(). Conceptually, the context sits above a device. You can have many devices to one context.

If you use device enumeration, you should explicitly specify the same context you used for enumeration in the call to ma_device_init() when you initialize your devices.

#include "../miniaudio.h"

#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, char** argv)
    ma_result result;
    ma_context context;
    ma_device_info* pPlaybackDeviceInfos;
    ma_uint32 playbackDeviceCount;
    ma_device_info* pCaptureDeviceInfos;
    ma_uint32 captureDeviceCount;
    ma_uint32 iDevice;

    if (ma_context_init(NULL, 0, NULL, &context) != MA_SUCCESS) {
        printf("Failed to initialize context.\n");
        return -2;

    result = ma_context_get_devices(&context, &pPlaybackDeviceInfos, &playbackDeviceCount, &pCaptureDeviceInfos, &captureDeviceCount);
    if (result != MA_SUCCESS) {
        printf("Failed to retrieve device information.\n");
        return -3;

    printf("Playback Devices\n");
    for (iDevice = 0; iDevice < playbackDeviceCount; ++iDevice) {
        printf("    %u: %s\n", iDevice, pPlaybackDeviceInfos[iDevice].name);


    printf("Capture Devices\n");
    for (iDevice = 0; iDevice < captureDeviceCount; ++iDevice) {
        printf("    %u: %s\n", iDevice, pCaptureDeviceInfos[iDevice].name);


    return 0;
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