Custom BackendThis example show how a custom backend can be implemented.
Fixed Size CallbackShows one way to implement a data callback that is called with a fixed frame count.
Simple CaptureDemonstrates how to capture data from a microphone using the low-level API.
Simple DuplexDemonstrates duplex mode which is where data is captured from a microphone and then output to a speaker device.
Simple EnumerationDemonstrates how to enumerate over devices.
Simple LoopbackDemonstrates how to implement loopback recording.
Simple LoopingShows one way to handle looping of a sound.
Simple MixingDemonstrates one way to load multiple files and play them all back at the same time.
Simple PlaybackDemonstrates how to load a sound file and play it back using the low-level API.
Simple Playback SineDemonstrates playback of a sine wave.
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